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Abaxis (Zoetis) Integration

Abaxis Fuse Installation

  1. Abaxis will begin by installing the Abaxis Fuse device in the practice. This small, rectangular box allows Vetspire to connect directly to the Abaxis devices. More information about the Fuse can be found on the Abaxis website:

  2. Retrieve the Fuse URL, Username, and Password from Abaxis directly. The Fuse URL will be several numbers unique to each practice. The default Username and Password are Admin for signing in to the Fuse URL. These will differ from the username and password entered during the Vetspire Integration.

Vetspire Integration

Retrieve Location ID

  1. Obtain the Vetspire Location ID for the practice by navigating to More > Admin > Locations on the Vetspire dashboard.

  2. Search for the location being established.

  3. The numbers in the ID column on the right are the Location ID. Note this ID for future steps.

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Set Up the Integration

  1. In Vetspire, navigate to More > Admin > Labs.

  2. Search for and select the practice to set up.

  3. Select the Add New Laboratory button in the top right corner.

  4. In the New Locations Lab box, complete the appropriate fields:

    • Enter Abaxis for Laboratory Name.

    • Select Abaxis from the Company drop-down.

    • Leave the Account Number blank.

    • Leave the Multiple Markup blank.

    • Enter the Vetspire Location ID as the Username.

    • Create a custom password in the Password field.

    • Leave the Clinic ID blank.

    • Toggle Auto Invoice to Yes.

    • Select Create.

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Configure the Fuse

These steps can be performed on-site at the practice or by remote connection to a practice computer using a 3rd party software application like ConnectWise or TeamViewer.

  1. Open a web browser from a computer connected to the practice’s WiFi. EXAMPLE: GOOGLE CHROME, MICROSOFT EDGE, SAFARI, ETC

  2. Enter the Abaxis-provided URL for the Fuse.

  3. Enter the Username and Password, then select Login.

  4. Navigate to the PIMS Integration Screen under Settings, and select Modify PIMS.

  5. In the new screen, enter the following:

    • Pims Provider: Vetspire

    • Username: Vetspire Location ID (see Integration instructions above for additional information)

    • Password: The one you chose during the Set up the Integration section above

    • Server base URL:

    • Server poll endpoint: /labs/abaxis/orders

    • Server results endpoint: /labs/abaxis/results

    • Server ACK endpoint: /labs/abaxis/orders/{PracticeRef}/ack/{status}

    • Server Devices endpoint: Leave Blank

  6. Select SAVE & RESTART.

  7. After the Fuse has restarted, restart the lab machines.

Test the Integration

  1. Select the clinic/hospital from the locations drop-down menu in the upper-left corner of the screen.

  2. Access the account for a test patient and start a new encounter.

  3. Select the +Order Lab above the Orders box.

  4. In the new pop-up box, select Abaxis in the Lab field.

  5. Select any test from the drop-down menu and select a provider.

  6. Select Order Lab.

  7. Login to the Fuse Website.

The integration is correct if the Patient shows on the Patients list.


If the test does not appear in the list, verify that the Username and Password in Set up the Integration and Configure the Fuse match exactly.

Re-test if any changes were made.


If the integration is still not functioning, please contact Abaxis directly at (888) 963-8471, option 5.

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