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Ring Central

Ring Central is a comprehensive communications solution with voice, fax, text, conferencing, and web meeting options available. Ring Central eliminates the need to use separate applications for day-to-day calls, conferencing, and online meetings, allowing for the monitoring of incoming calls by pulling them directly to the Flow page while generating metrics for rDVM.

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  1. Create a unique clinic account directly with Ring Central.

  2. Integrate with Vetspire by selecting More > Admin > Integrations > Ring Central.

    1. Select Enable to Enable Ring Central.

    2. Enter Client ID (Contact Support via ticket or chat for Vetspire’s Ring Central credentials).

    3. Enter Client Secret (Contact Support via ticket or chat for Vetspire’s Ring Central credentials).

    4. Enter URL:

  3. Select the Ring Central icon in the bottom left of the screen.

  4. Sign in with the unique clinic account created in step 1.

    • Select Authorize on the Ring Central Access Request pop-up box.

  5. After redirection back to Vetspire, enter the number for each location provided by Ring Central in the Location Configuration.

  6. Select ENABLE for each location that is using Ring Central.


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Use Ring Central

Upon successful integration:

  • All incoming calls appear on the Flow page in the Awaiting column below the scheduled appointments.

  • All calls from persons with Caller ID enabled are immediately identified.

  • Calls with a red link icon indicate the caller is a client and the phone number is linked to their existing Vetspire account. This may be directly accessed by selecting their name.

  • Calls with a green link icon indicate the phone number is not linked to an existing account. Clicking the green icon will allow this number to be linked to an existing account.

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  • Select Dismiss on the Call Card to remove the call from the Flow.

  • Select the Call Log to enable the entry of pertinent information such as the Client’s Name, Pet’s Name, Species, rDVM, Provider, and Notes about the call.

  • From the Call Log card:

    • Select Don’t Come to remove the call from the Flow.

    • Select Will Come to add the patient to the schedule immediately.

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