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Contact the Antech Representative for Antech Diagnostic Reference Codes

Retrieve the Antech Account Number

  1. Log into with the Clinic ID, Username, and Password.

  2. Navigate to Account Settings > Clinic Profile in the Antech dashboard.

  3. From the General Information tab, retrieve the Account Number.

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Integrate with Vetspire

  1. Log into the hospital/clinic Vetspire site.

  2. Navigate to More > Admin > Labs.

  3. Search for and select the correct practice for setup.

  4. Select the Add New Laboratory button in the top right corner.

  5. In the New Locations Lab box:

    1. enter Antech for Laboratory Name and select Antech from the Company drop-down.

    2. enter the Account Number as given in the Antech interface. WARNING: DO NOT USE THE TAB TO NAVIGATE THIS FIELD.

    3. enter the Username, Password, and Clinic ID number.

    4. toggle Auto Invoice to Yes, then select Create.

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Test the Integration

Order a Test in Vetspire

  1. Select the location in the drop-down in the top left corner.

  2. Navigate to a test patient and start a new encounter.

  3. Select the +Order Lab link above the Orders box.

  4. In the pop-up box, select Antech in the Lab box.

  5. Select a test from the drop-down menu.

  6. Select a Provider and click Order Lab.

Confirm Test in Antech

  1. Login to with the hospital/clinic’s credentials.

    • If the test shows in In Progress, the integration is good.

    • If the test does not show, verify that the Username, Password, Account Number, and Clinic ID were entered correctly (entries are case specific).

    • Re-test if any changes were made

  2. If the integration is still not working, contact Antech:

    • 1-800-872-1001 (USA)

    • 1-800-341-3440 (Canada)

    • 1-888-397-8378 (Test Express)

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Add a Missing Antech Code

If a test code is missing from the integration drop-down menu in Vetspire, it will need to be added as a “favorite” for the clinic. This can be done by either calling Antech Support at 1-844-674-4422 and asking for them to add the test as a favorite or the test can be added to favorites by logging into the Antech Online website and following these steps:

  1. Select Test Guide

  2. Select Can’t Find Test Codes?

  3. Select Enter known code or private code

  4. In the field, type in the code that needs to be added

  5. Select the star to add it to favorites

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