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Manage Products

By default, only codes enabled for the Location are visible. Navigate to More > Inventory & Services > Products under Manage.

(red star) This is a permissions-based feature or is managed from the Admin page.

The filters across the top of the screen are:

Only Below Threshold: The Threshold indicates how many products of this item are available within the threshold. When a set threshold is set, if checked, the page displays all items under the threshold stock limit. See Set Inventory Threshold.

Only Trackable Inventory: codes marked as trackable inventory only and not sellable on the invoice. These are trackable inventory items that may be counted. These are not services. EXAMPLE: A SINGLE COTTON BALL IS NOT ON THIS LIST BUT A BOX OF COTTON BALLS MAY BE.

Only Show Enabled: When selected, will only display the Products available to the hospital/clinic. deselect to see all products available to the Organization Central Structure.

Filter by Product Category and Product Types: select the filter from the drop-down list.

Create Product Category and Product Types under Financials > Manage

Selecting the ellipses to the far right of each product will enable or disable the product for the current Location.

ID is a Vetspire product id that is not editable,

The Product and Code are created by the person creating the product.

Tags are the Product Categories.

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