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Find all Invoices and Estimates, All Payments, Credit Memos, Notes, and billing Events under the Billing tab.

If an invoice is in due status, DUE will appear in green. If past invoices are still unpaid, the notification will be present despite payment of the current invoice.

Available tasks on this page include:

  • Print Billing Statement: this allows the download and printing of a statement that includes details on all invoices, payments, adjustments, and the total amount due.

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  • New Payment: select to take payments or deposits not associated with an encounter. This will place a credit on the account. This will apply a credit to the account if no invoice is due. EXAMPLE: INVOICES WITH AN AMOUNT DUE, THE CREDIT WILL APPLY TO THOSE INVOICES.

  • New Estimate: opens a new estimate. To create an estimate, navigate to Financials > Estimates under Accounting on the left-hand side of the screen.

  • New Invoice: opens an invoice not associated with an encounter.

  • The Overview section shows totals for the current balance due, credits on the account, lifetime value, and the current year’s value.


Filter the fields by:

Down Arrow: downloads the invoice section as an Excel spreadsheet

A/Z: filters from high to low or low to high value

The invoice status is as follows:

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  • Open (orange): not finalized or in progress

  • Due (green): full or partial payment due

  • Paid (light blue): fully paid

  • Collections (pink): A pink flag is applied in the taskbar in collections.

  • Uncollectable (red): Accounts uncollectible are receivables or other debts with no chance of being paid. An account may become uncollectible for many reasons, including the debtor's bankruptcy, an inability to find the debtor, fraud on the debtor's part, or lack of proper documentation to prove that debt exists.

Use the ellipses (three dots to the right of an invoice) to mark a due balance as sent to collections or mark it as due.

Also, see Text/Email to Pay.


Estimates for this patient.

See also, Convert Estimate to Invoice.

All Payments

Payments and credits for the Pet Parent.

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  • Void Payment: place the associated invoice back in due status. This setting does NOT issue a refund. (blue star)

  • Print Receipt

  • Email Receipt

(blue star) This feature is managed by your organization under the Admin section.

Credit Memos

Lists all credits applied to an account.

  • Options: download or email a summary of the credit


Billing notes for this patient.

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Select the Add Note button to create a billing note and upload documents about the note.

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In this section, find a changelog for:

  • invoices created, deleted, and reopened

  • estimates created and deleted

  • status change on invoices and estimates

Show and hide current billing events in this section.

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