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Embedded Encounter Templates

The embedded encounter feature allows a user to insert an encounter template into an open encounter if the template is set as an embeddable template. EXAMPLE: A SURGICAL SECTION OR SEPARATE SPECIES BODY MAPS.

Create an Embedded Encounter Template

Navigate to Admin < Configure < Encounter Types.

  1. Select the desired encounter template.

  2. Toggle Is Embeddable? to activate this feature for this template.

Only encounter templates with this toggled-on will be embeddable.

Embed an Encounter Template

  1.  From an open encounter, click the icon to add an embeddable encounter template.

  2. Make a selection from a drop-down list of allowed templates and select Add!

Remove an Embedded Encounter Template from Encounter

  1. Select the trashcan icon associated with the newly added section to remove the added template.

  2. Select OK at the warning modal to confirm the deletion.

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