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Navigate to the Client Information page by clicking the Pet Parent’s name in the message within the Conversation Information panel. Find all open text and email conversations with all Pet Parents.

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  • Open/Closed/All/Every: filters the conversation status

  • Open: active messages.

  • Closed: closed messages. When a Pet Parent responds to a message, it will automatically reopen.

  • All: all open and closed messages

  • Every: if assigned to multiple locations, selecting this and Open, Closed, or All allows you to see every message from all clinic locations in that category.

(red star) This is a permissions-based feature or is managed from the Admin page.

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Actions that are available from this screen:

  • Close Conversation/Reopen Conversation: button moves the message from the Open section to the Closed section. If a Pet Parent responds to a closed conversation, it will reopen.

  • Compose reply: Enter a professional response to the current message using the text box.

  • Just Send: Select to send the message without closing it or

  • Use the Send & Close button to send the message and close it.

  • Add an attachment to the outgoing message with the Attachment button. Only one attachment is allowed per message. Compose the message first, then attach it, and send.

Custom emails will display the status in the upper right-hand corner:

  • Delivered: processed through the email server

  • Bounce: bounce back or failed

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