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Create and manage coupons for the Hospital/Clinic.

Navigate to Financials > Coupons under Manage on the left-hand side of the screen.

Create a New Coupon

Select CREATE COUPON from the upper right-hand corner. Complete the necessary coupon fields:

  • Name of the coupon for search

  • Start Date and the End Date the coupon will be valid


  • Select Flat or Percentage from the Discount Type field

  • Input a Discount Amount

  • Select a Revenue Center from the drop-down

Select Save to see the Modify Screen. Complete the modification process below to activate the coupon for use.

Discount Type

Fixed: a set price. Applicable items within an invoice will be overwritten to the fixed dollar amount applied. For example, apply a $20 fixed price coupon to an invoice and applicable items will be $20 per item.

Flat: applies the total discount amount evenly across applicable items. For example, apply a flat coupon of $100 to an invoice with 5 applicable items. All 5 items will be overridden to $20, totaling $100.

Percentage: Applies a percentage discount for a product or service.

Modify Coupon

Modifying this coupon only affects invoices to which this coupon will be applied in the future. It does NOT affect previous applications of this coupon. Enter or edit information to allow coupons to work correctly.

The Discount Amount is a percentage based on the For Products field. If no For Products is selected, the coupon will apply an equivalent dollar amount discount to the invoice.

Delete a Coupon

To delete a coupon, click the trash can at the right-hand end of the coupon line.

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