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From the Financials tab, see the Location Invoices at a glance.

Filters available are by Tags, Providers, Location and date. Select to Include Renewals or Only Renewals.

Order the results by the headings Gross($), Order Disc($), Member Disc ($), Tax($), Total($) and Due($).

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Along the left-hand side, find additional options for financial management.

Financial Terminology:

  • Open Invoices / Invoices Left Open: These are not marked as finalized. They do not count toward revenue or affect inventory. They can still be edited or deleted.

  • Finalized or Due Invoices / Accounts Receivable: These are finalized invoices. They will count towards revenue through your accounts receivable and affect inventory. Based on your settings under Preferences on the Admin tab, this will also cause an invoice to be locked after being finalized. If locked, finalized invoices cannot be reopened or deleted. Accounts Receivable shows all the finalized invoices waiting for payment.

  • Paid Invoices: These invoices are paid in full.

  • Gross Sales: Reflect the total amount of finalized and paid invoices, not including sales tax, BEFORE any sale discounts are given.

  • Sales: The total amount of finalized and paid invoices, not including sales tax, but including any sale discounts given.

  • Payments: A breakdown of all payments made on invoices. The breakdown is by the payment processor used to collect or record payment. This will also factor in voided payments and refunds.

  • Total Invoiced: A total of all invoices created for that location on that day. This will include open invoices, due/finalized invoices and paid invoices.

  • Total Paid: Total of all payments for the day. This number should match your total of paid invoices.

  • Discounts: Applied at the line item or the amount due on an invoice. This can also be given automatically through memberships or coupons.

  • Credits: Either given manually through the client's billing page or a line item on a paid invoice. When applied to an invoice, act as a payment type. Any credits given to an account, either manually or through a refund, will show as credit memos. A credit on an account will show as a negative amount on a credit memo, and when the credit is removed, it will show as a positive credit memo. If you add a credit and then remove it, there will be a credit memo for both actions, one positive and one negative, so they cancel each other out.

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