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Design and Create a Targeted Message

To schedule targeted messages for better engagement and communication with our clients. Navigate to More> Marketing & Reminders. Then, under Automations, select Targeted Messages.

1. Select +Add New to create a new targeted message which will be in draft mode until you select Live under status. The Live status will send to anyone fitting the criteria message.

2. Create the Campaign Title of your message. EXAMPLE: HAPPY BIRTHDAY. This title is not visible in the message.

Available variables for the Campaign Title

Available variables for the Campaign Title include: {{}}, {{patient.species}}, {{patient.breed}}, {{patient.color}}, {{}}, {{client.title}}, {{client.family_name}}, {{client.given_name}}, {{}}, {{}}, {{location.display_name}}, {{location.address}}, {{location.phone_number}}, {{}}, {{location.url}}

3. Select Email or SMS for the Message Medium.

4. Provide the Message Subject.

Set the Trigger for the Message

  1. Select from the prepopulated Trigger Type:

    • Patient Birthday

    • Appointment No Show

    • Appointment Completed

  2. Select the Location(s) this message will be applied for

  3. Select When to send after the trigger to set the number of days after the trigger to send this message.

  4. Select a sending Limit for the ability to only send the targeted message to a client X number of times. Leave blank for no limit.  EXAMPLE: ENTER '60' TO ONLY SEND THIS MESSAGE AT MOST ONCE EVERY 60 DAYS). LEAVE BLANK FOR NO RESTRICTION.

Set the Filters (Optional)

If appropriate, make a selection for the following fields:

  1. Select one or more Species to send this message to if the target patients fall under a specific type. 

  2. Restrict to Only Non-Neutered.

  3. Select an Appointment Filter:

    • Has Past Appointment of Type

    • Has No Past Appointments of Type

    • Future Scheduled Appointments of Type

    • No Future Scheduled Appointments of Type

  4. Select Client Filters:

    • Client Missing Email Address

    • Client Missing Phone Number

Customize the Content Design

  1. Select Upload Design to load a design saved to the desktop.

  2. To customize a new design, click and drag multiple feature options onto the canvas. Change or add pictures and text or change the background and text color to complete the design customization.

  3. Click Save to change the status to Live when ready for the message to go out. 

If the message is no longer needed, set the status to draft mode to keep for future use or delete it altogether.

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