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Edit rDVM Details

Navigate to More > Admin and find rDVM under Configure on the left-hand side of the screen. To review an rDVM, select the Practice Name. To edit the rDVM details, select Edit Details.

Review or edit the available fields:

  • Name, Address, Phone Number, Fax Number, Hours of Operation

  • Notes

  • Select locations that will utilize this rDVM

  • Email

  • Active Status

  • Additional Info

  • Primary locations

  • rDVM Website

  • Has website referral, Website referral

  • Number of Vets: the number of veterinarians available at this location.

  • Distance in miles

  • Hospital Preferences

  • Has call forwarding?: Will your location receive after-hour calls from this rDVM?

    • If No is selected, issue a call forwarding referral

  • Transfer Cases

  • Contact Method: text, email, phone call

  • After Hours Contact: the drop-down populates from Contacts in the next section.

  • Post-op, Oxygen-dependent, Cases that need surgery, Unstable cases

  • Add Contact for each rDVM

  • Show Events of what has been created and when

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