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Enable Codes

Our Central Structure has 30,000 different codes to choose from, with more being added weekly. Navigate to More > Inventory & Services > Products.

If you have a Central Structure:

  1. From the Home page, select Inventory & Services under More in the main taskbar.

  2. Uncheck Only Show Enabled to reveal all codes in Central Structure.

  3. Search for an item by using the search box under Product or Code.

  4. Select the code to enable from the filtered list.

    • Do NOT select a code marked Disable in the name or the Code number.

  5. With the desired code selected, scroll down to the Price section and select the plus sign (plus) at the bottom of the list.

  6. From the Edit Price window, change the Type to Fixed.

  7. Add an optional Dispense Fee and set the price in the Unit Fixed Price box. Remember: most codes are set to the simplest form a unit may be sold, such as by tablet. The Dispensing Fee will be applied only once to the sale, not per tablet.

  8. The Is Active toggle will default to Yes. Select the Location.

  9. Choose Advanced Options and enter a Minimum Price to set a minimum price for which the code may be sold. With this entered, this code will never be sold for less than this amount, regardless of coupons or discounts.

  10. When finished, click Save.

To confirm the code was enabled and that any Dispense Fee and Sale Price were entered correctly, refresh the screen and perform a Quick Price Check.

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