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Financials Dashboard

Find the Financials Dashboard under the Financials tab and select Dashboard from the left-hand side of the screen.

Today At A Glance

Find the invoice payments as of today here.

  • Posted Today - Paid

  • Invoiced Today - Due

  • Left Open Today

Open Invoices

All invoices left open for the clinic/hospital are listed here. Click the ellipses under Payment Due to see the Open Invoice in the patient Billing tab.

Filters for this Tool

Find reporting related to finances and inventory on this tab.

  • A/Z: filter from high to low and low to high

  • Down Arrow: download as an Excel spreadsheet.

  • i: hover for more information

Recent Billing Activity

The recent billing activity is on the right-hand panel and presents all paid or invoiced transactions for the day. Clicking the Client name will open the client profile.

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