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Manually Calculate Provider Production

Generate the Usage Report

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  1. Navigate to the Financials tab > Advanced and select Usage Report.

    • Leaving Select Product(s) blank will search ALL products sold at the location,

  2. Select the Date and Location in the left-hand corner to run the report automatically.

  3. In the upper right corner of the report, click the Download All button.

  4. Click on the Excel document to open it.

Edit the Excel Usage Report

  1. Once the Excel document is open, choose between Usage Totals and Usage Order Items.

    • You may need to click Enable Editing to continue.

  2. Select the row with the headers (i.e., Name, categories, type, etc.)

  3. Navigate to the Filter & Sort drop-down and select Filter.

    • Notice the down arrows next to each header; use these arrows through the sheet and remove unwanted items.

    • Manually calculate each line item based on doctor production percentage.

    • Submit the report to the Finance department.

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