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Prevent Carrier Message Blocking

  • Append the opt-out to outgoing Reminder messages: STOP to unsubscribe.

  • If using a commonly used macro, include STOP to unsubscribe in that macro. 

  • Never format text reminders with paragraphs and spaces like an email. 

  • The accepted SMS character length is 160 characters.  The longer the SMS, the greater the chances of carrier flagging.

  • Neither Vetspire nor Twillio can override a carrier's decision to mark a text as spam. Decisions may be appealed.  

    • There are trigger alarms to notify when a carrier flags messages.  We will work with the affected location.

Client Unsubscribe

  • Twilio will unsubscribe the Client from the Vetspire clinic number but this will not be reflected in Vetspire.

  • To begin receiving messages again, the Client must text START to the number they unsubscribed from.

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