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Products Upload

(red star) This is a permissions-based feature or is managed from the Admin page.

Navigate to More > Inventory & Services > Products Upload under Tools. Filter by Location or leave the filter blank to upload for the entire organization.

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To upload product counts collected using an excel document, use Mass Upload/Change Products.

  1. Download the Template Obtain a template of all Location products by selecting Download or Email All Products.

If the download is timing out, try the email button instead (N.B. for large datasets, this can take some time before arriving). Edit the template in Excel.

2. Make Edits

The spreadsheet includes all the products in Vetspire and all of their corresponding fields. Open and edit this file. Any changes made will be applied on upload.

3. Upload

Save the edited Excel file as a .csv and upload the file to Vetspire. Vetspire will update all of the inventory in stock accordingly. The upload may take a while to complete. Do not leave this page while it is processing.

Warning: this tool is very powerful, please use with care. Please take note of the following:

  • DO NOT change the column headers; those are required by Vetspire to process updates.

  • Removing a row will not delete the corresponding product. If you wish to delete a product, set the deleted column to true.

  • Once a product is deleted, you may not be able to undo this. Please double check your edits before proceeding to the next step.

  • Do NOT change any of the Vetspire IDs in the first column; those are used by Vetspire to identify which products you wish to update.

  • Adding a row will create a new product in Vetspire. In this case, please leave the Vetspire ID column blank.

  • Every product must have a type assigned to it. If you spell a type differently, a new type with that new spelling is created.

SeeMass Product Upload for step-by-step, helpful tips and troubleshooting.

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