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Invoices Dashboard

Useful to review all invoices for a day or time period.

Navigate to Financials > Invoices under Accounting on the left-hand side of the screen.


  • Tags: any Client or Patient tag listed for the selected location

  • Providers: list every active provider in the whole organization

  • Location: filters by the location selected

  • Date range to span a date range for the invoices

Choose desired filters by selecting Open, Due, or Paid invoices and specify the Tags, Providers, Locations, and Date range to generate specific information.

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Open Invoices: in progress/not finalized

Due Invoices: finalized, ready for payment, or partial payment received

Paid Invoices: paid in full

Uncollectable: This is not reversible

Click an invoice to open the details of that invoice in a separate tab.

Renewals Buttons

Included Renewals - if checked, all invoices are listed, including any invoices with plan renewals.

Only Renewals - if checked, a list generates containing ONLY plan renewals

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