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Order External Prescription for Medication Not Stocked


Since external prescriptions are considered billable items, they must be associated with an encounter.

  1. Navigate to Orders in the associated encounter.

  2. If the prescription is not a product stocked in the hospital, select EXTERNAL PRESCRIPTION in the search bar.

  3. Complete the dosing information and expiration date for the prescription.

  4. In the INSTRUCTIONS section, enter the name and concentration of the medication.

    • The Lot number and Fulfillment source may be left blank.

  5. Use the additional notes section to add more information.

    • bloodwork is needed before additional refills

    • the pet parent was given a copy of the prescription

    • name of the pharmacy, and the person calling in the prescription

  6. Select the IS EXTERNAL checkbox to flag it as an external prescription in the encounter and MEDICATIONS tab.

  7. Click Prescribe.

A flag will appear next to the medication name, denoting it as external, and the medication will show as a line item in the invoice.

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