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Order Medications in Stock


  1. Navigate to Orders in the associated encounter.

  2. From the search bar, enter the correct medication and concentration and select the correct entry from the menu.

  3. Complete the dosing, frequency, quantity, and method of administration.

    • Instructions will auto-generate from this information but can be edited.

  4. Fill in refills, lot number, and fulfillment source if applicable

  5. Ensure the correct Provider is auto-populated.

  6. Confirm the instructions are correct or add further instructions

  7. Use the Additional Notes section to add more information. Notes entered here do not appear on the prescription label. EXAMPLE: FOR BLOODWORK NEEDED BEFORE ADDITIONAL REFILLS, A COPY OF THE RX WAS SENT WITH THE CLIENT, AND RECORD THE PHARMACY THE RX WAS SENT.

Additional options on this screen are:

  • Delete a medication order by clicking the trashcan icon. Confirm this action in the pop-up.

  • Decline will show client declined the medication in the medical record

  • Accept

  • Prescribe

  • Prescribe and Print to be redirected to the print screen

  • Click on medication to reopen or edit

  • Click on the three dots(ellipsis) for these additional options:
    o Print Rx Label
    o Print Rx Sheet
    o Associate with Encounter
    o Mark as Stopped (can mark as active for inactive prescriptions)
    o Push to Cubex

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