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Other Reports

Navigate to Financials > Other under Reporting on the left-hand side of the screen.

Select the desired report to run it.

Revenue Reports

  • YTD Sales by Month

    • YTD Sales by Provider

  • Gross Sales - The total amount of finalized invoices, not including sales tax and before discounts.

    • Gross Sales by Provider

  • All Discounts - Total discounts applied to finalized invoices (coupons, plan discounts, etc.)

    • All Discounts by Provider

  • Member Discounts - Total wellness plan and/or membership discounts applied to finalized invoices.


  • Avg. Patient Invoice by Location

  • Avg. Patient Invoice by Provider

Tax Reports

Sales Tax - The total sales tax billed on finalized invoices.

  • Sales Tax by Month

  • Yearly Sales Tax

  • All Locations Sales Tax

  • Taxable Sales


  • Payments by Location

  • Payments by Method

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