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Patient Reminders

  1. Hover over a reminder for a patient to show a tooltip containing the full name of the reminder and if it is a legacy or a protocol reminder.

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2. Hover over a patient reminder; if the reminder is protocol-driven, the gear icon replaces the due date.

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3. Reminders that live on the right-hand sidebar are updated in real-time.

4. Double-click on the reminder name to open the Immunization tab.

5. Click the gear icon to reveal three buttons:

  • Delete (trash can): removes the reminder on the patient’s sidebar. The reminder will no longer be sent to the Pet Parent, and the immunization data sync is discontinued.

  • Decline (thumbs down): keeps the reminder on the patient’s sidebar but will not send reminders to the Pet Parent.

  • Edit (pencil): change the reminder due date to push it out of the data-synced immunization.

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See Remove/Discontinue Vaccine Reminders to maintain history but remove reminders on a historical vaccine or see Client Information to set reminders for the Primary Location.

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