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To set preferences, navigate to More > Admin > Settings

  • User Auto Timeout Direction: Automatically log out your users after a specific number of minutes of inactivity.

  • Auto-Timeout Excluded User: prevents auto time out for 24 hours. Enter each username separated by a comma and no space. EXAMPLE: USERNAME1,USERNAME2,USERNAME3

  • Prevent Encounters Being Re-opened After: Do not allow encounters to be re-opened after a specified number of hours unless extra permission is granted to the user.

  • Restrict Species Selection: If set, the species list in Vetspire is set only to the items selected. If nothing is selected, all species are available.

  • Podium API Key: Allows a third-party integration to auto send surveys after appointment checkout.

  • EMR Verification Message: When a message is specified, DVMs are required to confirm verification before signing off on the EMR.

  • Warn if trying to open an encounter when there is already an existing encounter open. Toggle on or off.

  • Disable Text Highlighting: Toggle on or off. BEST PRACTICE: do not use UNLESS Vetspire support sends out update notifications.

  • Delete Appointment from Schedule if status changed to 'No Show': toggle on or off

  • Disable the logout with client consent forms.: Logs out of all consent forms once sent electronically or signed on a device. Recommended keeping enabled for security so that clients cannot access records.

  • Require Type on Block-Off Events: Requires a block-off type to be selected before creating an event.

  • Lock the fields: given name, family name, title, and username on a user's profile: when using self-check-in - fields will default and cannot be edited by the user.

  • Restrict users from editing their personal details and pet name during self-check-in: Prevents the Pet Parent.

  • Enable files view: Contact Vetspire to add files to your account - may be used as document storage.

  • Disallow custom patient species, breeds, or colors: Only use the set lists that default in Vetspire.

  • Automatically create tasks reminding users to renew their expiring licenses: Tasks will be created and assigned to users 90, 30, and 7 days ahead and the day of expiration.

  • Preferred Appointment Word: Defaults to Appointment. Changes the word Appointment in all communications.

  • Automatically create tasks reminding users to add a valid state license: Every Monday, tasks will be created for veterinarians who don't have a valid state license in the profile reminding them to add one.

  • Required consent forms are mandatory before items can be added to an encounter: If there is a consent form marked as required for an appointment type, Vetspire will prevent users from entering items into an encounter until it is signed.

  • Require product lot numbers are selected before adding to encounters: If a given product type is marked as having lot numbers, lot numbers must be selected before allowing users to add the product to a patient

  • Disallow encounter product lot number-creation: If enabled, lot numbers must be created during inventory management and cannot be created elsewhere.

  • Enable popup notification when you login with a SSO provider: A pop-up will appear in the lower left-hand corner confirming who is signing in.

  • Require Complex Passwords (NOT RECOMMENDED): Enforce the requirement for passwords to have at least 1 letter, number, symbol, and uppercase letter and be a minimum of 8 characters. This goes strongly against US Government best practice advice for password security and is actually proven to make passwords LESS secure. Turning on this setting is STRONGLY advised against and is NOT best practice and is NOT RECOMMENDED by US NIST.

  • Lock Open Encounters Nightly: Every night around 4 am, Vetspire will sign and lock every open encounter.

  • Require State License for using Vetspire: If a doctor does not have a state license, they will need to enter a state license to use Vetspire.

Further Preference settings are:

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