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Process a Refund

Full Refund

Unless the account is refunded with an integrated payment processor, this process only records the refund to the account in Vetspire. Additional steps are required to return the money to the Client.

  • Navigate to the due or paid invoice you need to refund.

  • Click the three dots to the right of the appropriate line item.

  • Select the Credit Order Item option.

    • Return to Stock for items returned to inventory, such as unopened non-prescription dental chews, etc.

    • Do not Return to Stock for services or items not returned to inventory, such as prescription products, nail trims, etc.

    • Select Mark as Credited

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  • To refund the money to the Client and not leave it as a credit on the account, select Refund at the bottom of the invoice.

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  • Select the original form of payment for this invoice from the pop-up window containing a list of recent payments.

    • Only refund to the same method as the original payment.

  • Enter the amount to be refunded to this payment type and add any additional notes.

  • Click Record Refund!

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  • Confirm in the pop-up then the invoice will refresh.

Partial Refund

Process a refund for a single line item with a quantity over one. EXAMPLE: THE OWNER BOUGHT 24 CANS AND WOULD LIKE TO RECEIVE A REFUND FOR EIGHT CANS.

  • Repeat steps 1 through 3 of Full Refund.

  • Select Create Invoice.

  • Search for and order the item the owner is receiving a refund.

  • Enter the amount that the owner keeps or consumes in the Quantity field.

    • This will reflect what the owner keeps, in this case, 16 cans.

  • Record the credit onto the account.

  • Repeat steps 4 through 8 for a Full Refund.

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