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Reference Labs (IDEXX or ANTECH)

  1. Navigate to Orders in the associated encounter and select +Order Lab.

  2. Select the outside lab you wish to use.

    • If given a choice between in-house or reference, select REFERENCE.

  3. Select the lab by typing in the TESTS section.

    • Select it from the drop-down if searching for a perfect match with no spelling errors.

  4. The provider is automatically populated from the doctor assigned to the encounter.

  5. Add and necessary comments.

    • urine via cysto, fasted blood draw, etc.

  6. The associated encounter is also automatically generated.

  7. Once the form is completed, select ORDER LAB to populate the orders section.

  8. Select the line item to view the status of the results, edit or add comments, cancel the lab, print the order form, or delete the lab.

    • Edited comments are for internal use only and do not update the order form.

  9. Select PRINT ORDER FORM to download it for printing.

  10. Results will automatically transfer when the lab is completed.

If the client declines the lab, re-order it from the search bar under the ORDERS section. Decline it by clicking the three dots to the right of the lab and select DECLINE DIAGNOSTIC to mark the lab as DECLINED in the medical record.

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