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Add or Remove Provider Schedules

Add a Provider to the Schedule

  1. Navigate to More > Admin and select LOCATIONS from the left-hand column.

  2. Choose the location.

  3. From the SCHEDULING section, select EDIT on the right-hand side and choose EDIT SCHEDULES.

  4. Select the day/s to add a provider.

    • Select more than one day in a row with a click and drag.

  5. Choose the provider.

The provider is now on the schedule and available for appointments.

Remove a Provider from the Schedule

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  1. Select the provider to remove so their name is highlighted in blue.

  2. Tap the letter d on the keyboard.

  3. The provider is now removed from the schedule.

Any appointments or events scheduled with that provider are moved to an Uncategorized column on the Schedule and can be reassigned.

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