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Open Encounters

The Open Encounter list lists encounter not signed for this patient. Select the heading to navigate to the desired encounter.

Encounter templates may be customized under More < Admin. Contact Vetspire Support for more information.

Macros may be used in almost any text box that is not a pop-out but may not be used in the Medication Instructions. See Macros for more information.

Notice that any symptom, diagnosis, or procedure is highlighted as you type in free text sections. This color coding highlights anything that is medically notable.

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All parts of an encounter may be navigated through the toolbar on the left-hand side of the screen.

Some sections on an encounter will have icons to the right:

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Print Label: prints a label with subjective information
Mark All Normal: makes all Normal/Abnormal questions normal
Mark All Not Examined: marks examinable items as Not Examined
Copy from Previous Record: transfers all information from the previous encounter

  • Useful for rechecks to reference what was found on the last exam quickly.

  • If the last exam is a different encounter type, the formatting of the previous encounter would also transfer.

  • This action cannot be undone.

Add Note: adds a line for additional notes

Copy Medications: lists all active medications with directions for each medication

Anatomy of an Encounter

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