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Appointment Types

Create, edit or delete appointment types and events.

Navigate to More > Admin and find Appointment Type under Configure on the left-hand side of the screen.

New or Edit an Appointment Type

  1. Click New Appointment Type. The new appointment is added to the bottom of the screen.

  2. Click the desired Appointment Type to edit or complete the following fields:

    • Name

    • Default Appointment Duration: The selection here loads the default time block for the appointment type. This may be changed when making an appointment.

    • Color: This color will show the exam on the schedule in this color for quick differentiation. Select one of our defaults or choose your own Hex Color.

    • Is Exam, Surgery, Daycare, Telemedicine, Block-off, or Drop-off: Select YES unless this appointment type is a block. If YES is not selected, reminders will not send.

    • Is Surgery: Appointments of these types are surgeries and will filter to the encounter type and the section in the patient chart.

    • Is Daycare: Allows the appointment to work with the daycare module under Admin.

    • Is Telemedicine: Events of these types are telemedicine (i.e. video-chat appointments) fulfilled by Vetspire. COMING SOON!

    • Is Blockoff: Events of these types are block-offs (i.e. not appointments). Allows for blocks to the schedule without assigning a client. A Blockoff is the same as an event.

    • Is Dropoff: Allows set drop-off times when using a Queue style column. Appointments of this type are drop-offs at a specific time. Enable dropoff under Admin > Location.

    • Default encounter template: The encounter type that loads when the appointment is started.

    • Can Book online?: Allow clients to book appointments of this type online.

    • Show On Kiosk?: Show this appointment type as an available option on the kiosk. COMING SOON!

    • Steps: this allows steps to be completed before a client comes in. This setting only works if the feature flag NEW_Flow is enabled. Contact Vetspire support to enable it.

    • Description: Description of the appointment type (used for online booking)

    • Revenue Center: Allows any revenue generated through this encounter to show under the revenue center assigned.

    • Default Products: When an appointment of this type is started, it will automatically add these products to the invoice.

    • Required Consent Forms: When an appointment of this type is started, it will automatically load these consent forms when using self-check-in.

    • Position: Integer of order in the drop-down (0 being first) and is organization driven. The order of the appointment type presents on the check-in screen. NOTE: if using position, every appointment type must have a number or the appointments will present on the screen in random order.

    • Schedule Name: Used for online booking.

    • Disable Reminders?: Will override reminder settings and will NOT send out reminders. This is generally used for euthanasia.

    • Options: Only one appointment type per organization may be set as default as the first appointment loaded when creating an appointment, regardless of position.

    • Is universal?: For organizations with more than one location, this setting activates the Appointment Type for all locations.

    • ID: is defaulted by Vetspire and is used when querying information from the API.

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