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User Settings

To edit User settings navigate to More > Admin > under Staff, and select Users. Select the desired User and click the Settings tab.

(red star) All options may be edited to activate and deactivate users from here.

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  • Veterinarian?: Veterinarians must be qualified to perform animal medicine.

  • Administrator: Administrators have full privileges to change your organization's settings.

  • Groomer?

  • Relief Vet?

  • Role

  • Locations: The user will access all locations when no location is set.

  • Departments

    • If a User is assigned to a Department, they will not be able to see other departments on the Schedule or the Flow. If all Departments should be seen, leave the section blank.

  • Payroll ID

  • Vetsource PIN

  • Scheduling Constraints: Additional scheduling constraints

    • The Scheduling Constraints are enforced when booking from the Encounter, patient Chart, or a Client books online. These constraints may be overridden when booking from the Schedule tab.

    • The following constraints are available:

      • No Double Booking

      • Force 30-Minute Wellness Appt. Duration

      • Force 30 Minute Sick Appt. Duration

      • Allow Feline Groom

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  • Commission Percentages

  • Daily Surgery Limit: This doctor's maximum number of surgeries per day.

  • Position: Position on the schedule, lower the number more to the left.

  • Appt. Type Limits

  • Is Active?

  • Events: show the current events button.

    • When the Show Current Events button is activated, a changelog is revealed. This changelog indicates when and by whom the user information is changed.

(red star) This is a permissions-based feature or is managed from the Admin page.

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