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Cancel an Appointment

For best practice, there are two phases to canceling an appointment:

Document the Cancellation

  1. Select the appointment to cancel.

  2. Click on the Patient’s Name to pull up the Patient’s chart.

  3. Select NEW and then the appropriate QUICK NOTE from the drop-down:

    • Note

    • Phone Call

    • Communication Log

  4. Complete the details, including who you talked to, why the appointment was canceled, etc. Then select Save.

Remove the Appointment from the Schedule

Delete the Appointment

  1. Select the appointment to cancel.

  2. Click the trash can icon. The deleted appointment will stamp in the patient record.

Client Cancels

If the Client calls to cancel the appointment:

Select Cancelled from the Status drop-down. The appointment cancellation will reflect in the Appointment Deletion Log but is not reflected in the patient record.

Either of these will display as canceled by client.

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